Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Gonna Miss You Guys :')

To Hajira , Aman , Tylla . Thanks bawa pergi Akuatik :'D
Puas Berenang renang tadi . And untuk semuaa yang kita buat sama sama okayy :')
To. Khairul Thanks for being so kind toward me . your the best Boyfriend to me .
thanks for support me when i'm upset or feel like dying . thank you veryy muchhhh !
To Effa and Diya . Goodluck dgn life korang . Thanks for everythings that you done .
To Ieka Thanks for all . hangout  and else .
To Arief Bieber , Ezu , Zyraa and Rara . Thanks accompanied me when back from work . Thank youu so muchh . 
To 5 Bilal I'm Really really gonna miss you .
there's lot memories that we've made . Thanks for giving me happiness .
Thanks To Mr J . will miss you sooo muchh . Btw , happy belated birthday :)
To my Crush . jaga diri elok elok , jangan nakal-nakal . bawa motor and kereta elok elok .
Take care . I'm really gonna miss youu sooo muchh .
Thanks for made my day . loveyou :*

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