Friday, May 20, 2011

If I'm with you ♥

Doing something special with me ♥
walking and launghing aww♥
            ♥ keep hugging each other ♥
♥ playing in rain ♥
♥ Holding hand ♥
 ♥ picnik in weekend ♥
♥ Take a picture with funny and cute face ♥

Now , I'm starting to love you
from the first conversation . you make me melting with your voice .
your smile . your laugh . when you walk with me .
when you stay beside me and keep smiling .
the way you staring at me . 
your eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
I admit that I stalk your facebook profile everday ,
I admit that I'm freak out on every girl who writes on your wall ,
I look at all your photo's even i've seen them all before   .
If I never met you , I wouldn't like you .If I didn't like you , I wouldn't love you .
If I didn't love you . I wouldn't miss you.But I did , I do , and I will.
Hmm , I don't wish to be everything to you .
but i want to be something to you ♥

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